yuzu.online is a product studio inspired by yuzu, the bumpy little citrus that complements everything. we specialize in fragrance goods and love to work on bespoke projects and collaborations. seasonally driven, hand-made, small batch work from silver lake, california.

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︎SUMMER 2021

︎︎︎ SILVER LAKE, CA 90026

burn time

the first burn is the most important. depending on the size of the candle the amount of hours will vary, but you want to make sure that the liquid wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel. this ensures you don’t create a memory ring and future burns won’t tunnel. expect to burn a candle for 2-4 hours to achieve a clean first burn.

quick tips

always trim your wicks! the number one way to ensure a clean burn is to remove the burnt end of a wick before relighting. this can be done using a wick trimmer, or any household object you’re not worried about getting ash/wax on.

snuffing your candles rather than blowing them out can also help to reduce the amount of smoke produced.

you should have proper ventillation in any room you burn candles in. if you burn a candle for multiple hours, consider opening a window during and/or after. 

safety label