yuzu.online is a product studio inspired by yuzu, the bumpy little citrus that complements everything. we specialize in fragrance goods and love to work on bespoke projects and collaborations. seasonally driven, hand-made, small batch work from silver lake, california.

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︎︎︎ LOS ANGELES, CA 90026 // 90019
matisse wanted an iconic scent to fill every room in his new home. rather than offer a high volume of candles and call it a day, we wanted to take things one step further. we wanted to provide a custom fragrance package that while consistent in scent, was adapted to the inconsistancies of ones home. with rooms of different sizes, we also have candles of different sizes and thus, the .centerpiece was born.

the need for a scent centerpiece to fit the centerpiece of the home (great room) brought us to sloane and ruby, a local husband and wife duo creating bespoke ceramics about 20 minutes west of our studio. we not only collaborated on the size, material and composition of this initial piece, but developed a made-to-order system for a truly special and personalized home good.

using quality natural materials and traditional processees, each vessel is hand-made to hold up to 70oz of material. for reference, certain well known peers of ours pour 42oz of wax in their large format candles. we fill each .centerpiece with natural coconut wax and clean burning fragrances through an equally patient hand-pouring process.

we view these pieces not only as a collaboration with sloane and ruby but as a collaboration with yu. by personally developing the fragrance based on your preferences and adding your mark opposite our yuzu.emotion, this becomes a true complementary good. 

for locals, the collaboration does not have to end there. whenever you get through the countless hours of burn time, we offer refills at a fraction of the cost.