yuzu.online is a product studio inspired by yuzu, the bumpy little citrus that complements everything. we specialize in fragrance goods and love to work on bespoke projects and collaborations. seasonally driven, hand-made, small batch work from silver lake, california.

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︎︎︎ 1854 SAWTELLE BLVD.

we teamed up with Chitchat Coffee & Matcha to create a limited edition yuzu.matcha lemonade and candle!

chitchat is one of the only places in los angeles that serves first flesh ceremonial-grade matcha. combine a fresh portion of that matcha with our yuzu.mix (first-press yuzu juice, rick's eureka lemons, and a hint of agave) and you’ve got something special to sip on.

we also produced a limited edition yuzu.matcha candle available until sold out at chitchat. the scent is earthy, crisp, and citrusy to match the drink. notes of green tea, yuzu, juniper berry, and bergamot. natural coconut wax tinted green and hand-poured in our matte white vessel.