yuzu.online is a product studio inspired by yuzu, the bumpy little citrus that complements everything. we specialize in fragrance goods and love to work on bespoke projects and collaborations. seasonally driven, hand-made, small batch work from silver lake, california.

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︎FALL 2020 *UPDATED 02.14.21

︎︎︎LOS ANGELES, CA 90026

.bag ︎ 10.15.2020

if you’ve landed on this page, we welcome you to a digital storefront you can touch, smell, and taste. yuzu.online is our japanese (and east-Asian) inspired, california adventure based on the umami citrus - yuzu (`’) - that definitely is not a lemon. we’re here to curate, package and deliver the best of what we find, all while developing our own creations to fill in any gaps.

so, you have a bag of fresh yuzu’s, and some other goodies, our first of many ‘drops’ in pursuit of yuzu-eminence. we’re not quite ready to launch our original creations, but we’re here to start sharing what we’ve found so we can build alongside fellow connoisseurs.

.bag contains (3) fresh california yuzus, yuzu gummies and raw/ripe mini candles.

.stand ︎ 11.15.2020

join us in the park for a socially distanced yuzu.lemonade stand. we’re serving up classic fare with a yuzu.online twist. thirsty? .....playlist

.love ︎ 02.14.2021

custom labeled candles for that special someone. available individually or as a pair. cozy.rose has notes of white rose, tuberose, carnation, violet, amber, and toasted wood. oud.fig has notes of oud wood, bourbon, desert fig, green leaves, cedarwood, and sandalwood.