yuzu.online is a product studio inspired by yuzu, the bumpy little citrus that complements everything. we specialize in fragrance goods and love to work on bespoke projects and collaborations. seasonally driven, hand-made, small batch work from silver lake, california.

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︎︎︎ BROOKLYN, NY 11222
(`’)yuzu.online began in the early days of the pandemic with a simple question between two friends: what do we do now that we can’t spend saturdays exploring our favorite neighborhoods? both of us, living in brooklyn at the time, were pretty devastated to no longer be able to ‘bop’ around between the impeccably curated shops and markets we previously frequented.

at a time filled with so much uncertainty, we thought (among plenty of other things) about the boutique of the future (the ‘new normal’ as everyone was calling it). if we can’t share eachother’s space, would it be possible to feel the sensation of walking into a curated physical environments? could it be done using digital tools, without gimmicks, and take true advantage of it’s medium? what would that space be based upon? that’s when we started thinking about yuzu.

Why yuzu you ask?

e share a love of homegoods and cpg startups matched only by our obsession with new restaurants and their cocktail programs. being immersed in those areas, we were very much in agreement that yuzu was everywhere and poised to take over our world. it became clear pretty quickly that we wanted to help speed up that eventuality, so we started researching and testing every yuzu thing we could find. in a lot of instances, we found the flavor drowned out by heavy amounts of sugar. we found the same to be true of fragrances - extra notes of vanilla and lemon resulting in a candied, definitively non yuzu-y result. with yuzu appearing in all the right places but often missing the mark, we felt we had something to really sink our teeth into.

the mission became clear; learn everything there is to know about the bumpty little citrus that complements everything, then, create a platform worthy of the fruit, its legacy, and the countless applications we come across.